Saturday, December 4, 2010

Minuscule Moments Mean so Much.

There are so many words trapped inside my head, so many thoughts kept in the back of my throat that sometimes I feel like I might spontaneously combust. The goal is oftentimes to keep it together just a moment longer. In the midst of this season of life (which is so great, don't get me wrong- God has been so gracious to me), I find myself scrambling to check off last minute items on my to-do list; the moments I realize my emotional health level usually comes at the sit-down meal at Panera when I realize I've been crying for at least 5 minutes and people are starting to stare. Crying in public isn't my ideal cup of tea, but I guess it is inevitable to my gender.

Long story and victim-sounding/irritating post short: when an arrow hits your heart in place that is not yet fully healed, it hurts a lot worse than when an arrow hits a concrete section of your flesh. Hurts unhealed or scabbed over are attached to your psyche. Not the greatest feeling in the world

It's taking every last ounce of mental capacity I have to live only in the present tense.

(P.S. This blog was written on an iPhone. I believe I get intense blogger points? Haha.)

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