Friday, February 18, 2011

Strictly Shallow and Splendid

In my other life, I feel like I might have been a model or a fashion designer. Why? Because I love fashion. Unfortunately, I'm neither 80 lbs or a brilliant sketch artist. Instead of walking the runway or designing groundbreaking fashions, I figure I'll just dress like I'm important... or blog about the things I want to own. Like this:

How beautiful is she?! I want everything in this photo; including the deer. I love the vintage vibe the dress gives off, and the headband? The headband is glorious.

Anyways, this is a rather shallow blog (Which means I'm in Romans and I'm trying to justify the odd clothes I enjoy wearing), but I wanted to give you a piece of my love for fashion and all things vintage, naturish and splendid.

Enjoy your day; Pet a deer.

(If you want to read a great fashion-centered blog, go to --she's my super trendy and fashionable friend. And she loves pugs. That's all.)

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