Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Batting of Eyelashes

My pearls hang straight.
It is exactly the time you chose
And the coffee stains on my apron dry quickly
As not to disappoint the image of perfection.
I am a lady.
Eggs over hard and sourdough Toast--
Cast-Iron Skillet.  

There, There
Pats on the back with
Intertwined fingers
The cookies are almost done baking.

Don’t cry, and bite my handkerchief
I hand it to you and put
Salt in my eyes to dry them
Before mascara touches your shirt.
I ironed it and it’s perfect that way.

We walk, laugh, and smile,
And Ice Cream coats the Sweet Tooth.
I go home, hug and console
Lock myself in
And throw poems in blankets.

My Pearls Hang Straight.
I guess it’s only duty—
Most likely of my own making.

The pie is burning!
I’m a lady. 


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