Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Do you ever sit, and [simply] stare?
Thinking, Dreaming, Waiting?
Because I do.
Often, yes?
I sit and [simply] stare outside these four walls
Thinking, Dreaming, Waiting.
I wait for the simple essence made of magic
To [simply] pull the trigger so that I can see the world
Through a simple mind.

I'd rather be lost that stagnant beneath ceilings.

Alternative choices: Both made and unmade
Like a child's bed
Where I remember staring quite [simply] at the certain future
While I remained still.

I am looking...
Though I am looking to become lost
(Because found is boring)

All I hear is ringing and monotony of dinging:
Money Making.
[Simply] Money making, bill paying, anticipating...

Hammers and Strings
And things made of Ivory
Those are the simple things
That keep an artist breathing.
To live is to create:
Simple and complex things.

But time is money, and I hear the cash drawer dinging.
It's [simply] not simple
To hear melodies inside your head
When the ceiling holds your hand and tells you it's better off this way.

It's simple, really. 


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