Saturday, February 18, 2012


The very word conjures up a myriad of emotions ranging from a solemn demeanor to outraged fists. My reactions to it are often polarized, and I admit, I'm not always sure which emotion is orthodox enough to affect the orthoprax of it's calling. Still--I release the me in order that I may have more of Him and leave the rest up to chance (because I believe there are possibilities in this universe that are open.)

There's a garden growing outside, and I'm fully aware I have to plant the flowers in order for them to grow. But you see, I have this thing about the process and I've been dealing with it before I took the plant from the sheltering pot (which protects and hinders all at once). Dirt is messy, but without it the plant can't grow. I'm aware of the obedience which must take place, and I've not been afraid of it for a while now. Though I will say it can be somewhat saddening at times when you realize you thought you obeyed in the first place and in return received lashes of (re)growth years.

Enough of my writer's processing. On to the natural ,the explainable, and that which makes partial sense to those who aren't inside my head.

Wednesday is the beginning of Lent and Mike and I are going on a 40 day juice fast. This means a few things:
1. We bought a juicer
2. We are going through the book of Mark together
3. If Michael becomes emaciated, I take no responsibility--the juice fast was his idea.

In all seriousness, I'm super excited to embark on this Spiritual journey with him. You know you've found a winner when they suggest to go on a juice fast. (Ladies, take note: That's the mark of a good boyfriend.) I'm sure during these 40 days, I will be posting updates and recipes.)

That's all for the day.  I'm going on a walk--a long one where I look at houses I'll probably never live in and think of all that has and hasn't happened.


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