Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I woke up on the other side of someday the other day:
It’s nice there, and the grass really is
And lilies are more potent that
I thought they would be.
It exists in actuality.
(And they don’t come in the shape of flowers we make.)

I woke up with a pounding headache
But that’s nothing short of shocking
Due to the obscene amount of
Coffee, car accidents
And  three years of
Something’s I’ve been suppressing.

It’s fading into technicolor.
And bleakness disappears.
(Like wishing I’d get a phonecall after all these years)

The other side of someday smells like
Cider and Funfetti;
Everything I’ve ever loved
But you don’t taste the calories
(which is good, because I like to watch my figure lately)

The other side of someday
Has blue eyes for days
And a calendar with real dates.
The other side of someday burns
(Like the passion in my heart that’s been waiting for a lighter)

I’ve been a flame,
But now we’re a fire
                                  Burning to the scent of cinnamon and fall.
And so it’s finally okay to fall…
                                                    Thoughts, love, ambition, feeling.

Springtime: April or May.
The end of the other side
 Of someday.
And actually? 
                                                       I wouldn't change a step along the way.


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