Wednesday, October 10, 2012


There is.
There has been.
There will be...
Oh, there was

Faulty lines in skylines above the horizon.
And I knew it every step of the way.
Infinity is different these days
Than it use to be,
But I am convinced this is better.

There is this sapphire that speaks eternity
But this time,
Oh this time,
I can see it happening
Without the world burning
Around me.

A glance,
A smile,
A touch
Oh, there was
A      touch.
And teary eyes were clouded
By salty skin.
And even the sweetest sin
Could not ruin this moment.

There is.
There has been.
There will be
Oh, there is
This yearning in horizons less faulty
And a touch on skin less salty
And familiar, (so familiar) longings

And a saphire jewel with a longer eternity
Without worlds and stars burning.
Smoke signals!
They make the sky turn pink
And this time,
Oh this time I think..

But, I seem to think less.
Cardiac Arrest!

Life comes out of death.

There is.
There has been
There will be
Oh, there will be
New chapters and beginnings
With a heart wrapped in lilies.
(though they are not always yellow) 


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