Monday, October 18, 2010

In 15 Minutes or Less...

It is 9:47 am, and I'm choosing to blog rather than do homework. Not because I'm a bad student, but because I process through writing. It's been a big week full of every type of dream and emotion and midterm, but I've made it. Now it's Monday, and I have the whole rest of the week to look forward to. Not a task list, but a week full of the things and people I love. (That's how I'm deciding to think.. there are actually only a few things on my list I'm not looking forward to. That's pretty amazing if you think about it. I love all the things on my weekly list.)

Wherever this ends up, I like the present a whole heck of a lot. I don't want to live in the fear of the future when the present is so great, I don't want to over analyze what doesn't even exist. What the crap is the point of that? I'll answer myself: There's no point. Breathe, Rachel. Everything is going to be okay, new things are not old things. Past is past, and present is present, and future is whatever the present is.

On the same note, welcome to fall friends! I love new seasons, and this one happens to my favorite. It's high time I make an apple pie and re-read Jane Eyre(like I've done every fall for the past three years.)


I carved my first pumpkin with some of my favorite people on the planet. My pumpkin definitely looked 'special,' but that's okay... I'm no pumpkin Picasso, it was my first time, and I have a feeling their are many more to come. As minuscule as it was, it meant the world to me that my friends would put together a night just to carve a pumpkin with me. I've never really had anyone do something so spontaneously wonderful and important for me. There was no one else I'd rather spend my Friday night with.

I am in an environment that fosters love, protection, and pumpkin carvings. There's no better environment than that.

15 minutes is up. Those are my thoughts. Happy Autumn.



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Tori Mae said...

may sound like a serious creeper rachel, but i would much rather think of myself as an interested old friend who just wants to know how to pray? (spiritual excuse)
just.... following up on your life from afar... i get your twitter updates to my phone (you twitter a lot p.s haha) and stop by to glance at your blog every so often. its intriguing to look back... because it makes the present have so much more substance and life, doesn't it?! All things work together... somehow... but we're on the ground watching the floats go by in our parades of life and God's up in the hot air balloon just chillin watching it all go from beginning to end.

bottom line. its good to know that you good. and i'm praying for you here and there whenever you pop into my mind or send me twitters that you don't even know you send to me. Just know i love you :) glad to have been part of where you are now... however that was or whatever. i guess you could still consider me a vague distant participant ... or... onlooker? or something like that. i hate when people tell me those kind of things... or knowing that strangers follow my life. but I'm cool with that. *singing* "i have confidence in confidence... allllooonnne!"

cant wait till the next time we get to hang out and catch up!