Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sometimes I like to write poems that make no sense...

Snap crackle pop.
It's like a symphony when it plays on strings
Strings of an organ that beats.
Mutiny is the name of the game
If there's any other name
By which a game can be played.

Tap Tap Tap.
Its like a constant wrap
At a door I can't find
If there are any doors with knuckle marks
And if I'm not two measures behind.

Tick Tick Tock.
It's like the guest who's timing is always off
If time is more than space
And if I seem to ever be in the right place.
Just like confusion when you don't even think.

Pulse Burn Repeat.
It's like a moment lost at sea
If the water is clearer than blue.
It's like what happens when disillusioning becomes you.
If a magician has lost all flare in the center of an act.

Try Try Again.
Just relax.


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