Friday, August 6, 2010

When Days Turn Into Weeks.

There have been times in my life where I considered myself a relatively creative specimen. Today is one of those times. I like my blog subject lines to give people an idea on what I'm going to write about, and yet, keep it mysterious enough so they'll read it anyways. By now you've probably figured out my first paragraph has just been a thought, and probably has very little to do with this blog;sorry, I have a short attention span.

And now I'm on to bigger and better things, like explaining why these days have turned into weeks. Something I've figured out in all my 19 years (I know, I'm old and full of wisdom) has been the fact that time doesn't stop for anything or anyone. There is not a magical button you can push for the universe to slow down so you can savor a moment or figure out what the crap you're doing. Unfortunately, time goes on, and so must you. There have been several times in the course of my past two weeks where I have wanted time to stop simply so I could think about things beyond their face value. There have also been times, like last night during worship, where I just wanted to pause and look at all the faces so I could know more than facial structures. I yearn to know the stories--pains and joys, of the people God has given me to lead for those sacred twenty minutes.

Everyone is a person. Trivial thought, I know, but sometimes I forget how intertwined the human race is. Being a selfish person, I tend to think their is not an incredible amount going on the lives of others. Of course, when I pause for more than one second, it becomes brutally obvious to me how wrong and ignorant I am. But I don't seem to make myself pause very often.

These days have turned into weeks, and these weeks have turned into months. I can't stop time for several reasons.... one of which includes not having a wand, cape, or pop tarts. However, I know I have the capacity to calm myself and stop what I'm doing so I figure out how the crap the world is working. So I can figure out what the crap my mind is thinking. And most importantly, so I can figure out how the crap to better love people.

It seems appropriate I should end this blog after writing a paragraph that mentions pop tarts and uses the word 'crap' more than twice. I'm not sure anybody reads this, and I may or may not be okay with that. Well, those are some snippets of my life in its present state. Also, I have a headache that feels like it's eating my brain.

On that note, stay in school, kids.


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Sunny Cain said... are such a delight. Reading your thoughts is fun, thought-provoking, entertaining, and reminds me of pop tarts with sprinkles on them. The titles of your blogs look good enough to bite into (like a poptart)...and then once you bite find a delicious filling inside. Oh my! Tee hee