Monday, September 20, 2010

Confessions and Quirks...

My fabulous roomate brought to my attention that their are several personality quirks I have let myself feel ashamed about, and ss I sat and pondered the reality of her statement I came to the conclusion that she was more than correct. We laughed and thought about the fact that I am more myself now than I have been in a long time--not that I'm entirely sure what that means, but I'm certain I'm excited about being myself.

I like to make lists... they help me understand things. So here is my current list of self-confessions and quirks.

1. I have eaten an entire box of strawberry milkshake oreos by myself. In one sitting.
2. I am a health-nut, but if you give me a box of cheeze-its, chances are I will ALSO consume the entire box.
3. I refuse to admit I'm addicted to coffee...I like to look at it as more of a 'comitted' relationship.
4. I can't stand dirty dishes and sponges.
5. I can't go a few hours without brushing my teeth.
6. I carry pepper spray because I seem to attract really awkward situations.
7. I may or may not be one of the most insecure people on the face of the planet.
8. I never thought I would lead worship because I was told more than once it was not my gifting.
9. If I laugh too hard I drool.
10. I like to make up nick-names that rhyme.
11. I envy people who can paint.
12. I like sitting on the floor because it makes me feel closer to the earth (yeah...)
13. I wish I was intense enough to be a vegan.
14. I have always wanted to be cool.
15. I don't think before I speak...unfortunately for me and everyone else. (I'm working on it)
16. I get anxiety if I don't floss my teeth enough.
17. I feel really validated if people read my blog.... or RT me.
18. I want to write a book.
19. I can't control my laughter more often than not.
20. When people give me 'space' I feel like they're shutting me out. Haha.
21. I stutter when I'm nervous.
22. I still have a lisp.
23. I like to leave encouraging notes on stranger's cars.
24. I am actually not passive aggressive at all.
25. I overanylyze everything.
26. I am captain bad timing.
27. I can't end my lists on an odd number...
28. I pick out my outfits the night before because I am blind in the morning and lose all sense of fashion judgement.
29. I love to serve other people. I thrive on being a 'motherly' type. I's creepy.
30. I forgive others but forget to forgive myself.

That's all for now. =).


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