Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Delicacies of Life.

This morning I woke up to a text from my good friend Irene that said, "want to have breakfast and coffee with me?" My first thought (naturally) was, "I have so much to do today." However, my second, third, and fourth thoughts were along the lines of 'Relax.' Luckily, I listened to my groggy psyche and went to her house to enjoy a Saturday morning over food and coffee. Irene and I ended up making a beautiful french breakfast for ourselves consisting of fruit crepes, brie cheese, home-made whipped cream, eggs, and french-pressed coffee. We ate it on China plates while staring at a beautiful rose-garden; it was the best Saturday morning I have had in a long time.

Irene talked about deciding to enjoy the small things in life... like fruit crepes and coffee, and I couldn't help but listening intently to her new resolution. She talked about how being a student and working full-time had put a damper on her ability to enjoy the times she was merely relaxing. I have decided to make her resolution my own. I need to take time away from my school and work (which I really do love), and experience things just for me. I need to take time to enjoy my own small delicacies in life.

My personal delicacies include writing, cooking, dressing up, entertaining,reading Jane Austin in the park, taking long walks, and having long conversations with the people I love. I refuse to let those things take a back burner until 'my life settles down.' You and I both know life settles down when we make time for the things that count. Those things matter to me... People matter to me. I like people =), and I'm finally accepting that it's okay. I don't need to be introverted to be a perfect someone for somebody...because the somebody I'm with should enjoy exactly who I am without wanting to change the core of me. I can take time to laugh either one-on-one or with a whole group. The beauty of knowing who I am is finally being translated into understanding what I feel and what I want at any given moment.

I am really enjoying being myself, and knowing exactly who that is-- yet discovering more about my passions and desires with each passing day. Life just keeps getting better, and everyday there's a new delicacy I had previously forgotten to enjoy. Today it was a completely fattening breakfast:No carb left behind.'

Good thing eating is a Spiritual experience. God comes in all forms; today He was in my crepe teaching me a little more about my journey of self and about all the quirks locked inside the woman He made me to be.



alyssa. said...

I loveee this and you, and that you included pictures. :)

John Jackson said...

I am so proud to be your Dad. WAY cool stuff here! And, you are a great writer and friend.