Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thoughts. Just Thoughts.

This made me laugh, and I'm a big fan of laughing. In fact, I laugh at most things. The idea of myself flipping a table when I don't have anything nice to say would result in a lot of tables being flipped. Sure, I'm aware that Jesus flipped a table in His time, but I'm not arrogant enough to state I would be flipping a table at righteous anger... I just tend to generally lean towards thoughts that are not the nicest on the block (even if they are the funniest).

However (prepare to be shocked..) I am a relatively introspective individual; which translates into the fact that after my thoughts traveled past the hilarity of the statement made in the picture above, I began delving into deeper thoughts about myself. I have always struggled with negativity, and have covered any unkind comment with a sarcastic and funny twist... making sure I leave a conversation with people laughing. Unfortunately, a good portion of the things I have said about others at one point or another have certainly not been edifying. I don't want to be that person, because Christ wasn't that person. I want to be someone who only speaks what is helpful for building others up. I want to love fully.

Something I've been pondering is this: If we truly know even a minuscule amount about a person, how can we not love them? If everyone is made in the image of Christ, will there not be SEVERAL redeeming qualities etched in their genetic make-up? Am I so wondrous of a person to believe I ONLY have phenomenal qualities? As if. So why do I believe my own shortcomings should be accepted by others when I am unable to accept the others I'm begging to accept me? It's folly to expect acceptance when I myself cannot accept many. (That's a tongue twister.)

Now here's the kicker: As much as I will and have tried, I have no idea how to fix my issues on my own. So I'm going to ask a horribly complicated and frightening thing: I need to be held accountable. Capish? Great. I leave you with this. Enjoy, kiddos. I know I did.


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