Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Confessions of an Over-thinker...

It's approximately 12:24 in the morning, and I cannot convince my tired mind to fall asleep. I have been doing homework for two hours, and you would think (as logical people would think) my brain was so exhausted it could not fathom the idea of another thought, well... you are wrong. The only thing I can seem to do is think. I suffer from the disease of overanalyzation (which is not even a real word), and as I sat on my dorm bed attempting to think of a title for this particular blog post I rolled the possible scenarios of my readers around in my head and finally decided I needed to begin by confessing my sick obsession with analyzing everything.

There are not very many great memories I have from where I used to live, in fact, I try to avoid thinking about it at all cost because I'm not a huge fan of dwelling on the things that make your heart hurt. However, I had this spot in Genoa where I used to go to think about everything I was feeling. It's where I wrote my first poem and where I hashed it out with God about not wanting to be in ministry (funny how He always changes the desires of your heart when you're madly in love with and following Him). The place became so familiar to me that my mind would thrive on the ability to let itself breathe. My new mission is to find another spot like that in this place I can finally call home... hopefully I'm not too picky when it comes to 'thinking' locations--we'll see.

I think that's enough verbal spewing for one night =). Back to sleep, it's an early morning for me tomorrow. Who wants to bring me coffee?! Bueller? No? This lack of sleep is killin' me, smalls. ....haha.


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