Sunday, July 4, 2010

Freedom shall be its name!

This blog isn't really about freedom at all; I just thought the title was fitting for such a day as this. (Being as it's independence day and all)

1. This is my third attempt at having a blog I like/keep up
2. I had a blog I religiously posted to in high school, but when I recently looked back to reminisce, I was reminded of why I stopped posting: my poor blog began to suffer serious verbal abuse from a very disgruntled and confused teen ( In short, what was meant to be an artistic outlet for my somewhat disorganized and developing mind quickly began to resemble chapters found in The Babysitter's Club. The young heart is a very fragile entity. I had almost forgotten.
3. I like to do things in sections of three's. It keeps me on track.

With all that said, I suppose it is time to deem this my official new blog. Now, it has occurred to me that one's first entry is intended to spark unbelievable emotion/thoughts from it's preview audience so the blog may begin to build up a fan-base and such. Being as it is that I've never been very good at making first impressions, I don't know why I have decided my writings would be any different. No matter. I hope you will enjoy catching a few glimpses into my life or passing thoughts.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm into creating life to-do lists that aren't entirely serious-- it gives me goals that don't continually gnaw at me. What's on that list you may ask? Why, that's certainly not for my first entry! But here's a snapshot: I want to dance on shamrocks in Ireland while reciting an Irish proverb. Don't mock, wear a frock and join me! (sometimes I say things that don't make sense. Just laugh--it burns 10 calories.)

While I'm blogging I am hearing Disney music and watching their fireworks. I'm going to spend a fourth of July in Disneyland because everything is magical in the kingdom of princesses, family chaos, flute-driven music, blistering heat, and castles.
(Adding it to my

There you have it; first blog entry completed. Over and out, readers. Don't operate fireworks under the influence... or something like that.



Will Weisman said...

Superb. This encourages me to find your old blog and resurrect your past time. Hmm..

Rachel Elizabeth said...

haha, you won't want to do that =). Trust me! It's really angsty. haha

But thanks, Will!