Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I swear I haven't been listening to Hawthorn Heights...

Death is all around me
I stare into her face
As the lungs are collapsing
And suffocating with the breaths she takes.

Death is who she's becoming
And it's closer than the daylight
But further than the somethings
That seem to plague the mundane
With echos of how short life can be.

And life is all around me
In the trees and in the laughs
But death is the surrounding
Living in a claustrophobic space
And growing day by day
While she never sleeps at night.

And death is whiter than snow
Yet darker than crimson.
Eternal promise is life yet to be lived
While in the physical rest
But in Spiritual vibrancy.

Death is all around me
In the eyes of her family.
Too tired to mourn
Too confused to speak
Too lonely to comfort
And too anxious to sleep.

And life is all around me
As she's on the journey to Home

No weeping
No hurting.
Life is all around the pearls, gold, and angels' songs.

And she's on her way to His open arms,
But the earth is dying,
And death is all around me as we wait to join the ones who are alive
Not in this life.

How sweet the promise
And yet how long is the wait
Causing the pale-faced wheezing and emaciated figures
To run without strength to gates of Home.

He's waiting for you,
You can rest now...
Life is all around you at the end of yours.


I wish Jesus didn't want you Home with Him so much..
I'm really going to miss you...
I'll be seeing you soon then.

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