Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When a few days seems like a lifetime...

I feel so far away from a week ago; how did that happen? I'm not really sure. The only things I'm sure about include these things:
1. Bobby and I bought a cat and named him Rudo. We really love him.
2. There are still five hundred people at my house.
3. I'm exaggerating.
4. 500 people is a hard thing for an introvert to cope with; however, I've enjoyed the process of stretching myself to new levels.
5. Stretching myself means Is have been tired for two weeks.

How is it that an entire week can fly by without your mind being in it whatsoever, and yet, a single day can feel like a lifetime.

I cannot wait to go back to school; I've been yearning for community. I've been desiring academic challenge. I have been missing in-room accountability. And I have really missed 2 am Mel's fries. (Fries are my weakness.) I just want to go get pie and fries with a group again. I miss walking to the end of the hall and asking Maria's opinion on my bright yellow outfit. I miss the professors.

But above the fries, pie, outfits, academia, and community, I miss the prayer chapel till midnight. I miss reading the journal entries of classmates. I miss walking by the chapel and hearing people singing at the top of their lungs. I miss seeing the beautiful prophetic drawings. I miss Alice Mills and her imaginative prayer nights.

Jessup is like camp for me. I'm living with 200 of my closest friends and everybody knows and cares for everybody. Are their the clicks? Absolutely. Are their times where I just want to be left alone? Certainly. But, I love my school and my classmates. I am so excited for these upcoming years. I want to go deeper with people. I want to have more dates with Alyssa =). I want to decorate my room with my roomate (ASHLEE!...we hope. haha). I want to become a Spiritual leader. I want to grow exponentially in my walk with Christ, in my mind, and in my giftings. I want to develop meaningful relationships that last for always.

I want to become a stronger woman for my boyfriend. I desire to be the kind of girlfriend that is only a help, and never a hindrance. I want to pray with and for him. Is this about me becoming better? Ha. Absolutely not. It's about me growing in such a way that causes our love to become more like 1 Corinthians 13. I want to be molded into someone who loves patiently. Someone who loves with no record of wrongs. Someone who loves with kindness and goodness.

I'm so glad I was created by a God who adores me, and I'm so blessed to be surrounded by people who are patient with me.

This blog has absolutely no rhyme or reason, and I think that's okay. It's never really about comprehension anyways. It's about getting something out so you can release your thoughts to think on their own without the cement walls of processing the mundane.

Perhaps now I'll write something somewhat organized. But probably not. I like the mysterious.



alyssa. said...

i love you rachel jackson!!!

Ashlee said...

let the decorating talk BEGIN!! <3