Monday, July 5, 2010


I discovered how painful it is to be jousted by a fork. I was peacefully trying to eat an Enchilada (first mistake: eating Mexican food), and low and behold, the fork lept from my fingertips and proceeded to plummet towards my innocent pinky toe. Fortunately, my reflexes told my foot to move. Unfortunately, my reflexes rode the short buss to school and only moved my foot a quarter of an inch, which regrettably sent the sharp skewers of the fork into the skin BETWEEN my toes: blood was definitely drawn.

I also discovered that Daniel Tosh was right: It is impossible to frown on a wave runner. I have always wanted to fly, no, not sky dive (I never have desired to pee my pants), but fly like a bird. If you close your eyes on a wave runner (though incredibly dumb/dangerous), I'm fairly certain the sensation it gives you is an awful lot like flying. I love the freedom of not knowing what's in front of you and embarking towards it anyways.

Serious note switch: (insert high G with awkward soprano voice here)

Today I re-discovered the fragility of character. Have you ever noticed how one decision can alter a person's entire life? How desensitization happens so quickly? A person's character is shaped by day to day decisions and ongoing relationships; how fragile is the human spirit. It all comes down to choices.

How fragile is the human heart? How hungry are people for love, acceptance, joy, and peace?

How wary are the hearts that have not experienced Saving Grace. Everybody needs a Savior.

And that's what I've discovered today.


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Ashlee said...

Right under your "About Me" says "Rachel Jason" ....I am presuming your fingers mistakenly neglected the "ck"? :)